We Stand With Los Angeles Parents, Teachers and Students: Stop Starving Our Schools!

LA Teachers

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) have been in contract negotiations with the Los Angeles Unified School District for more than 18 months. In two weeks, UTLA and community allies will rally for educational opportunities that LA kids deserve. Since over 90% of Los Angeles Unified School District students are children of color, this is a fight for racial justice.

To show the LA school district that UTLA has support not only from the Los Angeles community but also from unions and our members around the country, please read the statement attached below and sign-on to show your support by this Saturday, December 1st. 

Educators in Los Angeles are asking the district to address many of the same issues that we see in our schools every day, in every corner of the nation, from West Virginia and Oklahoma to Arizona and Colorado. UTLA is fighting for smaller class sizes, less testing and more teaching time, improved school safety, support for community schools, salaries that keep up with inflation, and increased funding for schools.

In August, 98% of union members voted to authorize a strike, should the district fail to address austerity conditions in their public schools. As the year inches toward its close, the possibility of a strike is growing more certain.

Show your support for these teachers by reading the statement attached below and signing-on to it by this Saturday, December 1st. 

Enough is enough. Los Angeles educators, parents and students deserve more!

In Solidarity,

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