Call to Strike in Light of Carol Folt’s Proposal to Reinstate Silent Sam at UNC

The TAA-AFT Executive Board at UW Madison stands in solidarity with UNC educators in their grading strike against a racist monument on campus.

Below is the call to strike by anti-racist protestors in light of Carol Folt’s despicable proposal to UNC’s Board of Governors:

The UNC Board of Trustees (BOT) and Chancellor Carol Folt took several liberties today, both overt and covert. The overt: The BOT and Folt proposed that the University re-erect a Confederate Monument on a public university campus in 2018—155 years after enslaved people forced the passage of the Emancipation Proclamation and 153 years after the defeat of the Confederate States of America. They’ve proposed to spend $5.3 million dollars out of the University budget to house the Confederate Monument, Silent Sam, even as the administration is planning to hike student fees in order to make up a Facilities Maintenance deficit. Sadly, these outrageous proposals are in keeping with the University’s legacy of exploiting enslaved black people to build this campus and its history of racial segregation that lasted until 1955.

The covert: the BOT and Folt proposed that the University spend millions of dollars annually to increase the policing and surveillance of student and community protesters. This also fits with the University’s and Chapel Hill’s legacy of policing antiracist activists and its disregard for black bodies. This history is exemplified in the case of black Chapel Hill resident James Lewis Cates’ murder in 1970 by a white motorcycle gang in the Pit, and the University’s repression of black student protests that followed.

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