Chicago, December 10, 2018: Vigil for Human Rights in the Philippines

Vigil for Human Rights in the Philippines

In commemoration of International Human Rights day, join us for a vigil in front of the Philippine Consulate to demand an end to extrajudicial killings, and an end to US Military aid to the Philippines.

As the human rights situation in the Philippines worsens, with the massacre of 9 peasants in Sagay, and the murder of Attorney Benjamin Ramos, the brutality of The US backed Duterte regime has been laid bare for the world to see. Benjamin Ramos was the 34th attorney murdered since Duterte came to power.As the drug war, and its over 23,000 victims becomes an international human rights crisis, the US-Duterte regime has painted the map of the Philippines bloody, marking the archipelago with massacres from Sagay, to Antique, to Bicol. This crisis will only escalate as Duterte seeks to expand his declaration of Martial Law from Mindanao to the entire country, putting the nation’s people under armed military control.

On December 10, we will honor the victims of human rights violations and extrajudicial killings, and raise our demands:
Stop the Killings, Stop the Attacks, End US Military aid to the Philippines!

Sponsor: The Malaya Movement
Co-Sponsor: Chicago Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines, Anakbayan Chicago, Gabriela Chicago, Migrante Chicago

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