UW Madison, December 12, 2018: End-of-Semester TAA Bash!

End-of-Semester TAA Bash!

TAA – Graduate Worker Union of UW-Madison

Our final GMM of 2018 will be held at Argus Bar from 6-9pm on December 12th. Come celebrate another successful semester with your union family!

Pizza from Ian’s Pizza Madison will be provided, as well as pitchers of your favorite WI beers. Some highlights from the meeting agenda:
– Should we codify TAA “caucuses” and inaugurate the Foxconn Caucus?
– What do we think of the upcoming UW benefits survey?
– How is the GAPP grievance procedure process going?
– What direction should PEC take after the election? What are they working on right now?
– What will be our next steps in the fight to get our mandatory fees covered?
– What’s going on in your department?
– What the heck is MemeCo?

Dinner, drinks, and childcare provided!

TAA Logo

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