Moving forward: In Defense of Our Lives

By Fighting Words Staff

The following is a statement from In Defense of our Lives, a coalition that stands united to fight against austerity, white supremacy and the neo-fascist threat in the United States. Communist Workers League supports this movement and looks forward to working with IDOL in the coming months.

In Defense of Our Lives

Let us build a unified movement against white supremacist/fascistic forces and for a People’s Platform and a mass 2019 spring mobilization to declare our new unity!

… At the root of all these issues is the system of capitalism. And, only a grand struggle can push back the fascist threat, unite working people of all nationalities against war and for a working peoples’ program for our needs. Without principled political unity, one built around programmatic demands and one determined to uproot the fascist and white supremacist threat, such a struggle is impossible. It is up to all progressive and revolutionary people and organizations to fight through the morass and political differences to begin to forge what is necessary.

To begin this, let us strategize, build in every corner and community to inaugurate a new era of struggle.

Let us not fail to recognize the current threat.

Let us not fall into the void, nor should we resign ourselves to defeat and become demoralized.  We can win but not without struggle, not without unity.

Venceremos! All Power to the People!

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