December 21, 2018: Free Cyntoia Brown Phone Zap/E-Blast

Free Cyntoia Brown Phone Zap/E-Blast

At the age of 16, sex trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown was convicted of first degree murder. Earlier this year, she had been granted a clemency hearing, but her petition was denied by the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole. According to The Root, ” Although the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that life sentences without the possibility of parole for juveniles are unconstitutional, the Tennessee Supreme Court later said that Brown would have to serve at least 51 years of her sentence before she is granted parole.”

We are asking that you join Black Lives Matter Nashville in their ask for public support to demand that Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam grant Cyntoia Brown immediate clemency. Black Lives Matter Nashville has provided the contact number and email address for Governor Haslam along with sample scripts for your call or email at

In addition, we are asking for you to invite your Facebook friends to join in the effort. You can send invites directly through this event page by clicking the “invite” button. Once you click that button, your friend list will appear and you can select the friends you’d like to invite.


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January 4, 2019: Voces de la Frontera, Waukesha: Licencias para Todxs / Driver Licenses for All

Waukesha: Licencias para Todxs / Driver Licenses for All


Viernes, enero 4, 6pm
La Casa de Esperanza
410 Arcadian Ave, Waukesha, WI 53186

Seguimos en la lucha para pasar legislación para restaurar las licencias de conducir a los inmigrantes y gente de bajos ingresos. Daremos informes sobre nuestro progreso durante este foro y organizaremos nuestras próximas acciones. ¡Sí se puede!


Friday, January 4, 6pm
La Casa de Esperanza
410 Arcadian Ave, Waukesha, WI 53186

Join us as we continue our efforts to pass legislation to restore driver licenses to immigrants and low-income individuals. We’ll be sharing updates on our progress so far and planning our upcoming actions. ¡Sí se puede

December 20, 2018: Voces de la Frontera Walworth County Membership Meeting/Junta de Membresía

Walworth County Membership Meeting/Junta de Membresía

918 W Main Street, Lake Geneva, 6 -8 P.M.

Hablaremos sobre la campaña de Licencias Para Todxs y cómo el Condado de Walworth puede participar en este esfuerzo crucial para nuestra comunidad. Se proporcionarán botanas festivas!


We’ll be discussing the Driver License for All Campaign and how Walworth County can participate in this crucial effort for our community. Holiday refreshments will be provided!

This program is not sponsored or endorsed by Lake Geneva Public Library and may not reflect the views of the Library.

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Victory! Fair Trade USA decertifies union-buster

Thank you so much to everyone who made phone calls, sent emails, or shared social media posts in solidarity with Honduran farmworkers over the past three weeks. Together we exposed the flawed “fair trade” certification of multinational fruit company Fyffes’ melon plantations in Honduras. Because all of you demanded justice for Honduran workers, Fair Trade USA had to take notice and de-certify, after over six months of inaction.

Please make a year-end gift to help us turn this achievement into improvements in working conditions for the farmworkers in 2019.

Last week, I met with Honduran melon workers who told me of the verbal harassment they get from their supervisors for being a part of the union. Dozens of these workers have not been re-hired this melon harvest for being unionized. Several women workers also told me of the extremely high production quotas and the refusal of management to let them wear gloves to work. Many women showed me the resulting cuts and lesions on their hands.

Fyffes is the #1 supplier of winter-season melons to U.S. supermarkets. You may have seen them in your local grocery store sold under the “SOL” sticker. Fyffes in Honduras employs up to 8,000 temporary workers between November and May, who endure backbreaking conditions and wage theft.

The next step in this campaign will be to pressure U.S. supermarkets to stop buying from Fyffes until the company recognizes the STAS union and negotiates a collective bargaining agreement with them. This is what the workers demand in order to remedy over a decade of human and labor rights abuses.

In 2019, I will continue to work closely with STAS to build a strong campaign in the U.S. to pressure the supermarkets – the only actors that Fyffes really cares about. This week’s victory with Fair Trade USA shows that international pressure and cross-border organizing makes a real difference!

Will you join me to make our campaign stronger by contributing to our year-end fundraising campaign today?

Many thanks for your support.


Gabby Rosazza
Campaigns Associate

Freedom Inc.: Cops Out Of Our Schools NOW!

Freedom Inc

Dear Community,

On Monday, December 17, 2018, the Madison Metropolitan School Board failed Black and Brown children. Over 50 concerned students, parents, teachers, and community members testified about the need to remove police from our schools. Still, four School Board members – Mary Burke, Dean Loumos, TJ Mertz and James Howard – passed a three year contract with the City of Madison to keep School Resource Officers (SROs) in the four Madison high schools. They voted in favor of white supremacy and police violence against youth of color.

Instead of voting based on the lived-experiences and expertise of students, scholars, community members, and their constituents, board members decided to vote based on what they think and feel. The school district has no actual data or research to support the notion that students or teachers are safer with an MMSD-paid MPD cop in the building. Again, research tells us that School Resource Officers have never stopped an active school shooting, but have funneled millions of Black and Brown students, LGBTQ students, and students with disabilities into the school-to-prison pipeline. On the other hand, research tells us that replacing SROs with culturally specific counselors, social workers, and teachers does in fact ensure safety and prevent harm. The School Board chose a false sense of safety and security over the actual safety and wellness of our children.

MMSD’s new strategic framework and supposed commitment to “Black Excellence” is incomplete and inadequate. True Black excellence means eliminating all forms of white supremacy and anti-blackness from our schools. This includes replacing punitive disciplinary policies and practices, and includes removing the police from spaces where students should be learning and thriving.

Freedom Inc, along with your support, will continue to hold the School Board, MMSD, and the City of Madison accountable for any interactions between police and students in schools, any incidents that push children into the school to prison pipeline, and any collaboration between the district and the police department. We will fight to end any and all forms of violence against Black and Brown students, LGBTQ students, and students with disabilities.

We believe that we will win. The fight is not over and our demands remain the same. Our children deserve better and MMSD and the City of Madison have a responsibility to reach beyond the status-quo and business as usual. They have a responsibility to fund healthy and transformative solutions and alternatives to criminalizing youth.

We demand that MMSD completely remove police from schools and create accountability measures for school personnel who use police to harm children. We demand that MMSD invest in education that promotes leadership, wellness, learning, and creativity for youth of color. We demand that MMSD implement conflict resolutions that lead to transformation for young people. We demand that MMSD give students, families, and communities power to make and implement real decisions about schools.

Please contact your local School Board members and tell them to listen to the voices of youth, parents, and community members that are most impacted! Demand that they end the contract between MMSD and the City of Madison.

Peace, Love & Power!
Youth Justice Team
Freedom Inc. Freedom Inc


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Moving forward: In Defense of Our Lives

By Fighting Words Staff

The following is a statement from In Defense of our Lives, a coalition that stands united to fight against austerity, white supremacy and the neo-fascist threat in the United States. Communist Workers League supports this movement and looks forward to working with IDOL in the coming months.

In Defense of Our Lives

Let us build a unified movement against white supremacist/fascistic forces and for a People’s Platform and a mass 2019 spring mobilization to declare our new unity!

… At the root of all these issues is the system of capitalism. And, only a grand struggle can push back the fascist threat, unite working people of all nationalities against war and for a working peoples’ program for our needs. Without principled political unity, one built around programmatic demands and one determined to uproot the fascist and white supremacist threat, such a struggle is impossible. It is up to all progressive and revolutionary people and organizations to fight through the morass and political differences to begin to forge what is necessary.

To begin this, let us strategize, build in every corner and community to inaugurate a new era of struggle.

Let us not fail to recognize the current threat.

Let us not fall into the void, nor should we resign ourselves to defeat and become demoralized.  We can win but not without struggle, not without unity.

Venceremos! All Power to the People!

Follow In Defense of our Lives on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



People’s struggle wins conviction of Berta Cáceres’s murderers

Berta Cáceres, an indigenous Lenca woman, co-founded the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) in 1993 to address the growing threats posed to Lenca communities by illegal logging, fight for their territorial rights and improve their livelihoods.

In the aftermath of the U.S.-favored military coup in 2009 that ousted the reformist President Zelaya, huge corporate megaprojects were spawned in resource-rich Honduras, covering 30 percent of the country. Imperialist-financed DESA, without the consent of the Lenca people, began the giant Agua Zarca Dam project across the sacred Gualcarque River. Cáceres led a popular campaign against the dam.

“In April 2013, Cáceres organized a road blockade to prevent DESA’s access to the dam site. Using a carefully organized system of alerts to keep everyone in the loop, the Lenca people maintained a heavy but peaceful presence, rotating out friends and family members for weeks at a time. For well over a year, the blockade withstood multiple eviction attempts and violent attacks from militarized security contractors and the Honduran armed forces… To date, construction on the project has effectively come to a halt.” In 2015, Berta Cáceres was awarded the Goldman Prize for her environmental and pro-people activism…

Bertita Zúñiga, who is Berta Cáceres’ daughter, told a reporter that the U.S. policies ignored the Honduran public following the coup. This effectively legitimized an illegal takeover within the government. She said, “Since then, we’ve lived with the militarization of our society, serious violence and the criminalization of social protest. My mum wanted to build a better Honduras, but that hope died with the coup.”

A vigil is held for Berta Cáceres. (April 5, 2016)

French Government Responds to Mass Protests, Weekends of demonstrations over economic issues proves disastrous for Macron regime

By Abayomi Azikiwe

Global Research, December 19, 2018

Saturday December 15 marked the fifth consecutive week where thousands of people have held marches and engaged in various forms of civil disobedience throughout France.

Sparked by the imposition of a fuel tax, the “gilet jaunes” (Yellow Vest) movement has exposed the negative impact of the neo-liberal policies of the ruling La Republique en Marche President Emmanuel Macron. Even after the president announced the suspension and eventual elimination of the fuel tax along with other reforms related to minimum wages and pensions, demonstrations still took place the following week albeit in smaller numbers.

The rationale for the fuel tax imposed by Macron was ostensibly to reduce the usage of fossil fuels. This supposed “green energy policy” which includes the reduction in the speed limit disproportionately affects motorists who live outside the central metropolitan areas…

These political developments which are influenced by the economic crisis gripping the western capitalist states could result in both rightward and leftward tilts in the character of the responses by the working and middle classes. Nonetheless, the adoption of a purported “populist” stance on the failure of the neo-liberal governance model provides no solution to the majority of working and oppressed peoples within the capitalist countries.

Western industrialized nations are experiencing limited growth rates with a widening gap between the rich and poor. Attacks on migrants and the nationally oppressed cannot guarantee higher wages and better living conditions for the previously more stable working and middle classes.

Imperialist wars in the last three decades in Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other geo-political regions have drained the national wealth of the western countries. The global recession after 2007 and the large-scale governmental bailouts of the international financial institutions along with the industrialists have further weakened the social fabric of world capitalist system.

Only a movement to genuinely empower the workers and oppressed on a non-capitalist basis provides the potential for moving beyond the present crisis in Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

Abayomi Azikiwe is the editor of Pan-African News Wire. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.