Milwaukee January 6, 2019: UBLAC All Members Community Potluck

All Members Community Potluck

4850 W Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, 5 – 7 P.M.

Hey Everyone! Thank you for being patient as we take a regrouping break.

Family, Friends & Allies!!!

We are so excited to have a seat and break bread with you.

We welcome you to attend, invite, and support our next Mass Meeting & Potluck. Our community potlucks serve as a time to connect with folks in our city, share love and healing, stories, space, and good food.

We are excited to share our work and provide a space for People of Color and white allies to engage and create action steps to equip, connect, engage and educate our communities.
Uplifting Black Liberation and Black Community will equip, connect, and educate Black communities with resources and opportunities that will help provide a sustainable environment free from oppressive systems. This begins by using education about potential impact on the community, and how to heal from post-traumatic slave syndrome.

Through outreach and collaboration, UBLAC will help individuals foster understanding about liberation through knowledge and application in order to generate independent living and thinking.

If anyone is interested in being a UBLAC Core team member, please contact Annia Leonard for more information.

We are looking to do some amazing things in 2019!

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