People’s united struggle routs fascists in Madison, where counter-protestors demand jobs and education, not hate

Counter-protestors hold up signs in Madison, Wisconsin, on January 12.

Over 200 protestors from multiple labor and community organizations gathered outside the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison on January 12 to confront about 30 members of the fascist militia grouping The Three Percent United Patriots and the right-wing propaganda entity The Free Men Report. Members from multiple socialist tendencies, including the Communist Workers League, confronted the racist scum.

Earlier this month, the International Socialist Organization – Madison called the counterprotest in response to the fascists’ plans for their recruitment and consolidation rally and in swift order organizations such as the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the Chicago Solidarity Center, In Defense Of Our Lives, the Latin American Solidarity Committee-Milwaukee, the Detroit-based Moratorium Now Coalition and MECAWI, Thee Fond du Lac Underclass and the Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement endorsed the counterprotest.

With only days to organize the counterprotest, members of the peoples’ organizations met for two well-attended organizing meetings, distributed and posted thousands of leaflets, created and shared social media posts and engaged in other outreach that made clear the workers and oppressed of Wisconsin need jobs, education and other needs fulfilled, not racist hate.

The evening before the counterprotest, dozens of peoples’ organizers met at the Labor Temple in Madison for work and orientation sessions. The Labor Temple houses numerous union and community organizations, contains fabulous murals of workers struggles and is generally imbued with the class struggle history of working and oppressed peoples….

Jobs and education, not racist hate!


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