Madison, January 19, 2019: Rally & March – Socialist Feminist Contingent at WI Women’s March

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Rally&March – Socialist Feminist Contingent at WI Women’s March

Join the Socialist Feminist Contingent as we march from Library Mall to the Capitol steps following a pre-rally to the Women’s March. Join us in demanding:

1. Defend Roe v Wade from Kavanaugh and the GOP! Fight for full abortion rights!

2. Medicare for All / Badger Care for All including universal, free access to high-quality reproductive healthcare, full LGTBQ-specific care (gender affirming surgery, hormones, mental wellness, etc), childcare and eldercare.

3. Labor Rights are Women’s Rights – Restore, Defend and Improve Union Rights! Repeal Act 10 and overturn Right-to-Work Nationwide! Survivors of Sexual Harassment are in a stronger position to come forward and seek justice and restitution when protected by a labor union. Unions can play a powerful role organizing and educating the public against rape culture, not just in the workplace but throughout society. This also means fighting for strong unions controlled democratically by their rank and file members.

4. Build a movement in every workplace and school to fight sexual harassment like McDonald’s and Google workers! Corporate HR departments exist to defend the bosses! Defend Title IX!

We are expecting a huge turnout for the January 19th Women’s March fueled by a tumultuous year of #MeToo, the appointment and confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, courageous teacher’s strikes across 6 states, and employee walkouts at both McDonalds and Google to protest sexual harassment along with continued attacks on LGBTQ people, immigrants and people of color. Feminism, women’s healthcare, and women in the workplace are at the forefront of public consciousness, and the popularity of socialist ideas is growing right alongside them. We have an opportunity right now to organize around demands to improve the lives of working class women, people of color and LGBTQ people in Wisconsin and throughout the country.

Below is a list of demands we have begun petitioning on in the Madison community. It is our goal to create a contingent within the Women’s March to represent these demands, gain awareness for them, and help build a movement capable of winning transformative change. If we gain enough signatures, we would like to present our petition to Governor Evers to make clear that working and oppressed people in Wisconsin are prepared to fight back against the GOP and corporate politics on behalf of our own interests..

Endorsing Organizations
Madison Socialist Alternative
YDSA – UW Madison
IWW Madison GMB
Madison IWW GDC
International Socialist Organization – Madison
Peregrine Forum
Party for Socialism and Liberation – Madison

Please help us expand this list! Ask your organizations to endorse the Socialist Feminist Contingent and help us build to demand justice for working class women, people of color and LGBTQ folks!

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