Sheboygan, January 19, 2019: UNITY MARCH

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Sheboygan Comm-UNITY March

Welcome to the Sheboygan Comm-UNITY March 2019. We are inspired by the Women’s March 2019 and our march will be held the same day. We will gather at Fountain Park at noon, march, and convene at the Mead Public Library’s (710 N 8th Street, Sheboygan) Rocca Room. At the library, there will be a variety of informational displays by different organizations in Sheboygan. It is our hope that you will take the opportunity to find ways to engage, volunteer, participate, organize, empower, network, and serve.



JANUARY 17, 2019 SIGN MAKING EVENT AT MEAD LIBRARY, 710 N 8th STREET, SHEBOYGAN: Unity March Sheboygan 2019 Sign Making Event

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