Now Virginia! Educators Planning January 28, 2019 March on State Capitol in Richmond

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JOIN Virginia Educators – March to VA Capitol on January 28th

It’s time to BE THE CHANGE we want to see! Together we can do this!

Join us:

#RedforEd #Red4Ed #FundOurSchools


After a decade of budget cuts, Virginia’s schools have reached their breaking point. Our General Assembly has abandoned their constitutional duty to fund our education system for too long, and as supporters of public education, we are not taking it anymore. We refuse to permit our kids to go to schools where the buildings are collapsing, where teachers are overworked and under compensated, and where there are fewer and fewer resources every year.

On January 28th, Virginia Educators United and other statewide advocacy groups will march on the Capitol in Richmond and demand that our legislators stop short-changing our students. This day of solidarity is our opportunity to send a clear message to every member of the General Assembly that voters in Virginia demand that public schools become the number one priority of our legislature. With the upcoming November elections, now is the time to put every elected official on notice.

In order for us to achieve that goal, we need every county, city, and town to wear red and walk with us. We need every PTA, community organization and religious institution to join us. We need every student, parent, community member, and stakeholder to stand together and demand better for our students, our communities, and our educators.

We will gather beginning at 11:00 AM at VCU-Monroe Park. The MARCH to the capital will begin around 11:30 AM. Then we will RALLY at the capital and stand in solidarity to demand more funding for our schools!

To find out more about the #RedforEd movement visit:

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