UTLA: Progress continues; report to picket lines Tuesday morning

UTLA Bargaining team at LA City Hall all in red with fists up.


#UTLAStrong #HoldTheLine

Ratification of an agreement must happen before we return to work

We are making progress. The two sides were bargaining until late last night and have been bargaining around the clock since Thursday. We resumed talks early this morning. It is important to know, whether or not we reach an agreement late tonight, we will NOT be going to work. Report to picket lines as usual in the morning on Tuesday.

The reason is that even if we have an agreement late tonight, our members will need to ratify the TA before we end the strike.We have systems in place where everyone will be able to be informed about the tentative agreement and vote on it, over a period of hours.

Our members voted 98% to authorize a strike, and when we end the strike it will also be up to our members to ratify any tentative agreement. We continue to bargain for an agreement today and will keep you posted.

Thank you,

UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl and the UTLA Bargaining Team: Arlene Inouye, Jeff Good, Gloria Martinez, Daniel Barnhart, Julie Van Winkle, Tomás Flores, Elgin Scott, Victoria Casas, Adrian Tamayo, Matthew Kogan, Cynthia Matthews, Javier Romo, Erika Jones, Grace Regullano, Vern Gates, and Rose Luna.

Grand Park Rally crowd from front looking behind to the throngs of people. All in red with picket signs and fists up screaming.

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