The #FreeChrystul Defense Committee Builds Support, Organizes Visibility Events Feb. 16 and 21, 2019

Free Chrystul Kizer

We would like to extend gratitude and solidarity to the following organizations for endorsing our letter to DA Graveley ☀️☀️ Feminist Justice League (Duluth/Superior), Lake Superior Ex-Incarcerated People Organizing, Red Umbrella Justice (RUJ), Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition, Superior Save the Kids, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement, and Young Women’s Freedom Center ☀️☀️

To join your organization to the list of those who have endorsed the letter, please email! Thank you to all who are also endorsing the petition as individuals – we have surpassed 1,000!


Chrystul Kizer is an incarcerated trafficking survivor who is being charged with life in prison for acting in self-defense against her trafficker. The punishment that Chrystul is facing for defending her own life signals that black women and girls have no selves to defend. Right now Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley has the power to drop all charges against Chrystul immediately. We are urging Graveley to do the right thing and drop all charges now so that instead of enduring more violence, Chrystul’s healing can being with her family and community. Please show your support for Chrystul by signing this petition! Her next hearing is scheduled for February 21, 2019.


Feb. 16, 2019, Milwaukee: Action to #FreeChrystul

Action to #FreeChrystul

Free Chrystul Kizer

Join us as well engage in a public visibility demonstration to let Milwaukee know that we will not let trafficking survivor Chrystul Kizer be disappeared! We will be gathering at the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Locust Street in order to make some noise for Chrystul as well as gather petition signatures from our neighbors. Afterwards, we will gather at the Welford Sanders Enterprise center to build community, discuss next actions to #FreeChrystul and welcome more to this work!

Venue is wheelchair accessible and all ages!

Light refreshments will be provided. Feel free to bring a dish to pass if you would like!


Kenosha, Feb. 21, 2019:

Pack The Court For Chrystul! (Prelim Hearing)

Pack The Court For Chrystul! (Prelim Hearing)

Free Chrystul Kizer

This is the next preliminary hearing for Chrystul. It will likely be short, probably the lawyers arguing for their motions regarding the release of discovery evidence to the defense and the judge possibly making a decision on that.

Chrystul will be there, riding a cold prison bus almost 2 hours there and back from Taycheedah, so it would likely boost her spirits to see some supporters in court.

A note on court etiquette: try to dress nice (not formal, but presentable), take off hats when you enter the room, no using phones or talking while court is in session (when the judge is in the room). Some members of Volar’s family showed up at the last hearing, so we should try to sit together as a group. Be polite, but try to avoid interaction with them.

We want to show the judge and the DA that Chrystul is loved and missed, without making them feel disrespected or antagonistic.

No photo description available.


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