Week of Action For Mumia Abu-Jamal Feb. 11-15, 2019

This week, everyone on this list can help increase the number of people supporting the worldwide struggle to free Mumia and thousands of other prisoners. (Krasner as you know says he is appealing Tucker’s ruling because too many other prisoners would be affected.)

MONDAY, Feb 11

  1. Facebook users: Starting at 6pm today, post this graphic widely. Be prepared to share a livestream from facebook/Mobilization4Mumia, 6:45-8pm.
  2. Twitter users: Post this graphic at 6pm too. In addition, alert your users to be prepared to like and retweet a video feed from @mobilize4Mumia sometime between 6:45 – 8pm.

    Philly area activists:
    Krasner is speaking at the Main Library (19th & Vine) at 6:30pm today (Mon.)

  1. If you can be there, we need people to hand out fliers starting at 6pm explaining Mumia’s case and Krasner’s role in denying Mumia’s freedom. On the back side of the flier is the graphic.
  2. We also need people to gather signatures on paper petitions – the same as the online petition – https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/drop-mumia-appeal/
  3. When Krasner gets up to speak, we are asking everyone to silently hold up the back of the flier that says “KRASNER – DROP THE APPEAL”
  4. Ted Kelly will upload video of the moment to @Mobilize4Mumia using Periscope
  5. Basym Hassan will upload live video to facebook /Mobilization4Mumia

    All Mumia activists:
    Please share these livefeeds widely.

    TUESDAY, Feb 12

    Call, tweet, email Krasner day.

    THURSDAY, Feb 14

    Encourage everyone to use the same graphic as their facebook/twitter profile image for the day. (a special square version of the graphic will be shared for this purpose later this week)

    Krasner has several speaking engagements this week – because we are hurting his “progressive” image. Be alert to calls to attend these events.

MUMIA call Krasner Green message-page-001.jpg

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