UBLAC Milwaukee Statement on Racist Legislators in Wisconsin Opposing Mention of Colin Kaepernick in Black History Month Resolution

UBLAC Milwaukee

UBLAC is thankful for the state legislators who used their voices and did the work to ensure we are able to acknowledge Black History month on a state level. It is EXTREMELY unfortunate that white people THINK they can dictate who and what and how we celebrate OUR history. No matter what is on paper or being said we WILL celebrate who and what we want. You don’t give Black people permission.

Thank you Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs for this message as well.

Throughout the history of this country there have been individuals who, because of their courage, sacrifice, and impact on history we celebrate or recognize. February, which is Black History Month, is a month dedicated to African-Americans doing just that… We do not know one of the people we acknowledge who was not at some point controversial.

We applaud my colleagues at the state for attempting to honor a present day history maker, and native son of Milwaukee, Colin Kaepernick. It is disturbing and out of order for the Senate Majority to try to dictate who is worthy of being honored for Black History Month. As this moment goes down in history We hope it reflects, regardless of this Senate vote, that there are many of us, here in Wisconsin, who support and/or appreciate Colin Kaepernick and the attention he has drawn to issues of injustice that have yet to be fully addressed.


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