March 17, 2019 Rally: No Bolsonaro in DC! Oppose the Global Far Right!

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Rally: No Bolsonaro in DC! Oppose the Global Far Right.

*If you have security concerns do not rsvp on facebook*

Greetings fellow anti-fascist!

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 has emboldened organized white nationalists and fascist gangs to take to the streets across the United States. These groups have organized attacks on immigrants, Muslims, Jews, people of color, LGBTQ folks, organized workers, and leftists in Charlottesville and across the US, and have encouraged individuals to engage in violent hate crimes. There is an urgent need to work together to stop the alarming rise of the ultra-right and fascists.

On March 18-20 neo-fascist and newly elected president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro will arrive in Washington DC for a two day meeting with Donald Trump. The meeting of two heads of State from the largest economies and populations in the western hemisphere serves to bring undue legitimacy to both the Trump and Bolsonaro administrations. Currently we are experiencing a global rise of the far right based on nationalist rhetoric including scapegoating immigrants, Islamophobia, anti-worker policies and continued attacks on the oppressed and vulnerable. These attacks are happening both in the streets and inside governments. People of good standing must take it upon themselves to resist this global rise, DC United Against Hate recognizes the need to oppose fascism and far right hate both locally and internationally.

On March 17th DC United Against Hate a coalition of socialist organizations, anti-fascist activists, progressives and others call for a rally to oppose Bolsonaro’s visit to DC. We also wish show support and solidarity with those in the international community resisting far right governments and those who support these governments. The same weekend there will be actions and demonstrations around the world to recognize March 16th as a International Day of anti-fascism. We stand with our Brothers and Sisters around the world who recognize the fascist threat and are determined to build links with our allies throughout world.

The rise of racism and the far right represents a grave danger for the vast majority of the population. We will never be able to resolve the different social problems we face unless we defend the unity of ordinary people in the face of the attempts of racists and fascists to divide us.

But we have also seen a rise in resistance in the U.S., with demonstrations against the alt-right and neo-Nazis hate events often shutting them down, limiting their audience, demoralizing their new recruits, and bringing in more anti-fascists into struggle. The situation is still urgent, and the potential for our resistance is much bigger.

On or around 16 March 2019 there will be coordinated mass anti racist demonstrations in Austria, Britain (London, Glasgow and Cardiff), Catalonia, Spain, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Brazil and the U.S. (New York and Washington DC).

We are dedicated to a broad movement to bring as many together as possible in opposition to the far-right. We would like to see more mobilizations in the spirit of the 40,000 who marched against the Alt-Right in Boston, 2017, the 250,000 on the #Unteilbar (indivisible) demonstration in Berlin in October, and the quarter of a million against Trump in London in July of 2018.

We need to build broad movements to continue and develop this opposition. Join together March 17 from 12:30 – 3:30 pm at Lafayette Square directly north of the White House for a rally and demonstration in solidarity with actions around the world as well as oppose Jair Bolsonaro’s meeting with Donald Trump.

#AllAgainstFascism #OneWorldNoRacismNoFascism

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