Milwaukee, March 15, 2019: WI Youth Strike for Climate Justice

WI Youth Strike for Climate Justice

222 East Washington Avenue, 11:15 A.M.

GoFundMe Link:
Email for information & inquiries

On March 15, join countless other powerful youth across the nation by marching on the Madison Capital to demand climate justice and change.

Across Europe, students have been going on strike to show why governments have an obligation to protect our future from climate change. Now, we are bringing school strikes to the United States. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change we have 11 years to take sweeping and crosscutting action on climate change across the globe or we’ll see irreversible effects. This shouldn’t come lightly, and we should be scared.

On March 15, students across the planet will walk out of class and strike for climate action. We’re striking because those in charge have abused this beautiful planet and it’s resources. There is no Planet B.

Decades of inaction has left us with 11 years to solve the climate crisis. If anything is to be done, it has be done now.

The march will start at East High School at 11:30am and we will march together to the Capital. At 12:30pm, the rally around the Capital will begin featuring many voices advocating for climate action.

Buses will transport youth from public high schools in Madison and major cities across Wisconsin on march day to East High School or the Capital.

Come to strike and learn how to keep staying involved through testifying, organizing, and activism.

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