MILWAUKEE: Support the Stone Creek Coffee Workers Union!


Stone Creek Coffee Worker’s Union

To be delivered to Eric Resch, Owner, Stone Creek Coffee, Drew Pond, Co-Owner, Managing Director

To be delivered to Stone Creek Coffee Management:

I stand in solidarity with workers at Stone Creek Coffee as they make history, organizing the first ever union at a Milwaukee coffee company. I ask that Stone Creek Coffee management respect workers’ effort to unionize for better wages, benefits, working conditions, and a voice at work.


Workers at Stone Creek Coffee have met for the past several months to discuss their issues at work, and are organizing to form a Union to meet with management as equals! Show your solidarity as they work with Teamsters Local 344 to build that vision. Lend your voice in support of the following issues:

1. We’re proud to be Stone Creek employees. Stone Creek Coffee is a Milwaukee company, and we support local, quality made products. Our union will give a voice to the workers as equals, where we can have a contract to fix scheduling, hours of work, and other issues permanently. An open-door policy is fine, but we want a union contract!

2. Stone Creek workers deserve a raise. We are the faces and the muscle of the company, and wages of 8-10 dollars force us to rely on tips to survive. We deserve a fair days work for a fair days pay.

3. Stone Creek Coffee management should recognize our union, or at least remain neutral as we organize and find our voice. Milwaukee is a union town that respects working families – not union-busters.


Stone Creek Coffee Worker’s Union

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