400 years (1619-2019) after the beginning of African enslavement in the British colony of Virginia

by Abayomi Azikiwe

Pambazuka News | February 24, 2019


Six months from now, a commemoration of the long saga of struggle against national oppression and economic exploitation will take place.


In late August of 1619, approximately 20 Africans were brought to the shore of Jamestown Settlement in Virginia, then a colony of Britain, having been captured by Portuguese colonisers in the Ndongo and Kongo kingdoms (in the vicinity of modern day Angola, Republic of Congo-Brazzaville and the Democratic Republic of Congo) and then stolen again en route to Vera Cruz on the coast of Mexico by British traders operating a warship flying a Dutch flag for the purpose of labour exploitation.

After being marched 100-200 miles (160-320 kilometres) from inland West-Central Africa, the 350 captives were loaded at the slave-port of Luanda on to the vessel San Juan Bautista. The British traders attacked the San Juan Bautista near its destination and took 50-60 Africans placing them on the White Lion and Treasurer ships directed towards Virginia where these vessels initially landed at Point Comfort (Hampton today)[[i]].

It has been reported that the majority of Africans arriving on the White Lion were acquired by wealthy British planters including Governor Sir George Yeardley and Abraham Piersey. At this time there appeared to have been no specific laws related to enslavement in the colony…. https://bit.ly/2NKp50m

– Abayomi Azikiwe is Editor at Pan-African News Wire, https://panafricannews.blogspot.com/


Africans arrive in Jamestown Settlement in August 1619

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