Organizer’s in Sheboygan Declare: ‘Build The People’s Movement’


A diverse crowd of all ages joined together in Sheboygan March 23 for “People’s Offensive March And Rally.” Participants came from throughout Northeastern Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Racine, Chicago and other locations.

Participants began the day at Lake Michigan for a Water Ceremony and to participate in cultural events. From there the all ages crowd went to three different march points and chanting marching to Fountain Park to gather in unity and for a rally.

At the rally with a backdrop of banners, a rainbow of speakers from community, union and student organizations all raised the need to continue building an independent people’s movement that is grounded in anti-racism and internationalist. The history of worker’s struggles in the Sheboygan area was honored including the UAW Local 833 strikes at Kohler, educator actions and more. Women, LGBTQ and immigrant rights activists spoke out and the need for solidarity with People’s Venezuela was raised.

Following the rally, participants marched to Mead Library for a community gathering to share donated food, to develop relationships and to learn about people’s organizations that had literature tables for the occasion.

The March 23 actions were sponsored by Crusaders of Justicia, Sheboygan COMM-Unity and Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement and supported by numerous organizations in Wisconsin and the Communist Workers League of Chicago which sent a delegation to the march and rally.

Crowd Sheboygan 3 23 19

March 23, 2019 Sheboygan / Photo: WI BOPM

March 23, 2019 Sheboygan, WI / Photos: WI BOPM


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