Cuban Five Hero Declares his Solidarity with Julian Assange

By Yimel Diaz

There is precedence when the media has stepped up and revealed secrets publicly that altered the course of history. These are those moments when released information is so significant that once out it cannot be swept back under the rug; no matter that it has destroyed political careers, personalities or even damaged powerful political parties. In this age social media, for the most part, is now the motor force to spread undeniable truths or lies.

Wikileaks was the forerunner to this phenomenon and a great source of uncomfortable truth of that kind during the last years. The website created by the 47-year-old Australian journalist Julian Assange gathered rich and powerful enemies around the world for publishing tens of thousands of secret documents, the most damaging were related to the United States State Department.

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Plenty of resources were thrown at the ugly truth in the documents in an attempt to control the damage and clean up the mess but that was out of reach for even those powerful countries who try to portray their ruthless interventions as “democratic” missions.

From that point on Assange was a target and on June 29, 2012, when the British System of Justice issued an arrest warrant against Assange, he sought refuge at Ecuador’s Embassy to London. Then president of the Latin American country, Rafael Correa, granted him the status of “political refugee” and then the Ecuadorian citizenship.

During this period Wikileaks, and especially Assange, have been at risk. The British and the U.S. have laid siege against them. Once Lenin Moreno became president of Ecuador and started his descent into being a minor neo liberal player the noose has been tightening around the embassy in London….

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