May 24, 2019: Climate Strike Protests in Madison and Milwaukee


12 NOON, State Capitol

Wisconsin Climate Strike!

On May 24th, students and allies across the globe will once again strike from school to demand climate justice. We will be working with local Madison artist TetraPakman to create a social demonstration inside the Capitol rotunda. By using up cycled plastic bags to make a sculpture we will be highlighting Wisconsin’s unnecessary dependence on single use plastic and demanding change.

·We demand Governor Evers, counties, and municipalities declare a climate emergency for the future of the planet and the State of Wisconsin.

·We demand clean water for every community in the state of Wisconsin regardless of socioeconomic status and demand the protection of Wisconsin water systems, including honoring treaty rights.

·We demand the quality of our air to be protected and prioritized by the state of Wisconsin.

·We demand our public lands and soil be protected from pollutants that can destroy its ability to harbor crops and demand all public lands to be accessible to humans.

·We demand that the state prioritize the transition from fossil fuel-based energy to renewables to both save tax dollars and protect our environment from global warming.

·We demand our agricultural systems are built to last for future growing seasons and ensuring a supportive transition from factory farms (CAFOs) to small and family farms.

·We demand that marginalized communities have access to resources for them to lead a greener lifestyle and refocusing the issue of climate change around marginalized voices.

·We demand that our school systems reflect the sustainable future we need for our youth and demand school boards combat wastefulness in schools.

·We demand the state prioritize the reduction of carbon emissions to slow global warming and to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Please message us with any questions or send inquiries to For press inquiries:

Smash Environmental Racism Placard 5 20 2019


517 E Wisconsin Avenue, 12 NOON

Milwaukee-area students and allies: A strike is being planned in Milwaukee if you aren’t able to make the trip to Madison! Milwaukee Climate Strike!

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