Milwaukee, May 25, 2019: Stand For Peace! No U.S. Sanctions or War on Iran!

Anti-War Protest No Blood for Oil!

Major Anti-War Protest

May 25, 2019, Saturday, Noon

Lincoln Memorial Dr. & Lafayette Hill Rd, MILWAUKEE

Sponsored by End the Wars Coalition & Peace Action of WI, Veterans for Peace, United Nations Assoc. MKE, Friends Committee on National Legislation, WI Cuba Coalition, Progressive Democrats of America MKE, MKE, Palestine Action Network, Catholics for Peace and Justice, WI Network for Peace, Justice and Sustainability, WI Bail Out the People, Latin America Solidarity Coalition, Green Party, and more

Saturday, May 25, the Milwaukee End the Wars Coalition is calling for a large Anti-War Rally at 12 noon on Lincoln Memorial Dr. and Lafayette Hill Dr. on Milwaukee’s lakefront calling for NO WAR ON IRAN! This is on the corner of the Collectivo coffee shop and there is lots of parking in the marina parking lot on that intersection. There is a lot of car and pedestrian traffic. We need hundreds and hundreds of people to line the roadside with signs.

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