Message from Pastor Betty Rendon in Bogota

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Here is a message posted by Pastor Betty Rendon, who landed yesterday in Bogotá after being deported from the United States. Not surprisingly, in the middle of her suffering, she is planning to launch a new ministry… please take the time to read:

“Thank you God and thank you to all of you who are praying for peace and justice.

These are the suitcases prepared by ICE for people arriving in their destination cities. The only items in these suitcases are papers…letters received by people we love, and the medicine we receive.

I think it is necessary to develop a Ministry in the Colombian consulate that provides better care and a better welcome to these people who arrive with broken hearts, without suitcases, without clothes, without possibilities of making a call and without money to eat and buy the passage to finish arriving at the destination place. Each person has felt violently attacked by ICE, either because they violently entered their home or were attacked at their place of work, on the street, or in their car. The prisons seem purgatory, a place you only hear the crying and the gnashing of teeth.

I am now in Bogota because I found a good Samaritan. A family that has given me solidarity and support. Thank you, Beautiful family for all your care.”

Pastor Betty Rendon

Estas son las maletas preparadas por ICE para las personas que llegan a sus ciudades de destino. Estas maletas contienen: sólo papeles, cartas recibidas por personas que amamos y la medicina que recibimos. Yo pienso que es necesario desarrollar un Ministerio en el consulado Colombiano que brinde mejor atención y de una mejor bienvenida a estas personas que llegan con el corazon roto, sin maleta, sin ropa, sin posibilidades de hacer una llamada y sin dinero para comer y comprar el pasaje para terminar de llegarl lugar de destino. Cada persona se ha sentido atacada violentamente por ICE, ya sea porque entraron violentamente a su casa o fueron atacados/as en su lugar de trabajo, en la calle o en su carro. Las cárceles parecen purgatorios dinde solo se escucha el llanto y el crujir de dientes. Yo ahora estoy en Bogota porque encontré un buen Samaritano. Una familia que me ha brindado solidaridad y apoyo. Gracias Familia hermosa por todos sus cuidados

More information: Racine Interfaith Coalition (RIC)

Voces de la Frontera

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