Phonezap for Martin CI in Florida: Rampant Filth and Food Violations

Prisoners from inside Martin Correctional Institute in southern Florida have asked for our help! They offer testimony of rampant sanitation violations, abuses of authority and the weaponization of food (or its withdrawl) as punishment. PHONE ZAP today June 20, 8am – 5pm EST. Share the details with your people!

Martin CI Food Service violations, as per prisoner testimony:

1. Kitchen is infested with rats and roaches, all running through the dining hall during feeding.

2. Constant and intentional deviation from master menu and state standards. Food Service Director Mitchell serves whatever he pleases with impunity.

3. Constant intentional serving of spoiled, leftover food. Exposing prisoners to stomach viruses and food poisoning which occurred in en masse in March 2019.

4. Moldy trays, greasy sporks and cups. All trays, cups,and sporks are being washed in filthy garbage cans, rather than by dishwasher and without legally required water temperature and detergent.

5. Prisoner cooks, preparing lavish meals (BBQ chicken, cinnamon rolls, chicken sandwiches and fried potatoes) for Overseers,while prison population is fed swill

6. Food Service Director Mitchell is misappropriating taxpayer funds. Using taxpayer funds to orderfood for his two restaurants in society.

7. Food Service Director Mitchell is threatening to take prisoners off their religious or dietary meals or even put them in solitary confinement if they file grievances regarding master menu deviation.

8. Food Service Director, Mitchell is throwing prisoner grievances regarding food service in the trash. He even laughs at prisoners, boldly stating,”Keep writing grievances! I’m a potato you niggers’ ass to death.” (meaning no nutrition but potatoes).

9. Martin CI administration is totally aware of Food Service Director Mitchell’s actions but refuse to correct him. Instead, administration is helping him cover up food service violations.

We need your help on the outside to bring pressure and shine a light on these violations!

Please make these calls and write these emails!

“I’m calling about the horrific violations that are occuring in food service at Martin Correctional Institution such as spoiled food being served, unsanitary conditions, abuses of authority and rampant vermin infestations. I demand these complaints be addressed and any prisoners who have been retaliated against for exposing these human rights violations be released from confinement immediately and have their visitation rights restored. Thank you”

Martin CI Warden Robert Bryner

Director Region 4,Thomas Reid

DOC Secretary Mark Inch

Gov. Ron DeSantis
Don’t be worried if anyone is rude or if they argue or deny anything is going on. That is what they always do! Just you calling or emailing delivers the message that we are watching and we know the situation.

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