Know Your Rights! Take Action Against Raids and Concentration Camps! #AltoTrump

National Day Laborer Organizing Network

From day one, we’ve known about the fascist and racist worldview that is behind the Trump administration. Today, we must redouble our efforts to defeat the white nationalist agenda.

Trump is on a binge to incite his white supremacist base. His tweet was just a prologue to his rabid speech in Orlando. His concentration camps have been exposed. The links between pro-Trump sheriffs and hate groups have been uncovered. And we have all heard about ICE’s plans to carry out enforcement operations – raids – in several cities that have rejected Trump’s racist agenda.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network

We have heard raids may start as early as Sunday morning and target families with previous deportation orders. No coincidence. It’s part of Trump’s campaign, a racist political stunt. Let’s show our communities that we will not comply with this hateful, illegal and immoral, unlawful political stunt.

We know our history – the repatriations of Mexicans in the 1930’s, the Japanese internment camps in the 1940’s, and Operation Wetback in the 50’s. These are only the more well-known round-ups that Trump is trying to recreate. Friends and allies of immigrant communities cannot be silent.

What do we do?

  1. Let’s make sure our communities have the right information.  Share the information below and bring people together to discuss.
  2. We must vigorously demand #NoCamps #NoRaids. And make sure those in political office are doing everything they can to fight back – no money, no access, and no excuses for colluding with ICE.
  3. Report to the Day Laborer Radio ( if you witness any ICE activity, but make sure to verify first!

En resistencia,

– NDLON team 

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