Madison, June 25, 2019: March For Public Education! Day’s Schedule

From Wisconsin Public Education Network: Wisconsin Public Education Network
KICKOFF: 8:30 am Sun Prairie, Patrick Marsh Middle School
  • Please arrive by 8 am if you can – we want to start on time! Breakfast provided by our friends at Support Sun Prairie Schools and SPARC
  • March begins after a short rally.
  • NOTE: we have made some adjustments to the route to make sure we reach Madison East High School by 12:30 pm. Marchers will be shuttled for part of today’s journey making the total walk about 5-6 miles (we were well over 60 miles already anyway)
LUNCH AND RALLY: 12:45, Madison East High School
  • We will be joined at lunch by Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes
  • Park in the back parking lot
  • Lunch is in the cafeteria (thanks to Ian’s Pizza and MTI for the donations!)
  • Short rally and march starts at 1:15
RALLY AT THE CAPITOL: 2:30 PM, State Street Entrance
  • Start time approximate based on arrival of marchers – come early to cheer them in! 
  • Parking available in area garages; allow time to park and walk. 
  • The Assembly is in session and voting on the budget TODAY. The Senate will vote on the budget tomorrow. Those who are able are strongly encouraged to stay and bear witness, and to contact their Senators in the building 
  • #GoPublic and #WiBudget
  • Share photos, video etc widely. Frames available on our facebook page
  • Tag @WisconsinNetwork on facebook and @WiscEdNetwork on twitter and TAG YOUR LEGISLATORS
  • This is a grassroots effort: it’s up to us to spread the word to friends and family
  • Those who cannot attend are urged to call legislators at 1-800-362-9472


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