Madison, June 29, 2019: Emergency Meeting to Close the Concentration Camps

Emergency Meeting to Close the Concentration Camps


This past weekend, over 30 activists from organizations around the country joined in a call to discuss the inhumane concentration camps and the deplorable conditions that migrants are forced to endure at the U.S. Southern Border. These conditions are traumatizing, injuring, and even killing migrants. We want to stage a mass demonstration through a national day of action on July 12 to demand the closure of these camps and to let those seeking asylum into the country. Please join us to discuss how we in Madison can take part in this national day of action.

If your organization would like to endorse and help build this day of action, send an email to:

Image may contain: 9 people, people standing and outdoor

At ICE building in Milwaukee June 24, 2019 / Photo: WI BOPM

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