Milwaukee, July 1, 2019: Chrystul Kizer Birthday Gathering

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Chrystul Kizer Birthday Gathering

310 Locust Street, MLK Library, 5-7 P.M.

All ages event, children welcome, wheelchair accessible, FREE!

Join us as we celebrate Chrystul’s 19th birthday at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library on 3rd and Locust Street Monday July 1st. We will be sharing cake, updating folks on how to get involved with Chrytsul’s self-defense campaign and contextualize her story in the larger historical narrative of the criminalization of self-defense in the United States.

Before heading over to the library, we will be engaging in a visibility demonstration on the intersection of 3rd street and Locust Avenue by caring signs of support and passing out literature about Chrystul’s story.

More information about Chrystul’s story may be found here:
Chrystul Kizer is a black teenage survivor of violence. At only 17-years old, she was charged with multiple felonies for defending herself from an older white man who has been accused of ongoing physical and sexual abuse of not only Chrystul, but multiple other young girls. A resident of Milwaukee, WI, Chrystul spent her 18th birthday incarcerated in the Kenosha County Jail, where she remains confined. If convicted, Chrystul could face a sentence of life in prison. Chrystul needs the opportunity to be supported in safe, healing spaces in the community – not the prospect of additional trauma, assault, and solitary confinement in a Wisconsin penitentiary.

Recent campaigns to free criminalized survivors have highlighted how gender-based violence such as sexual assault is linked to the prison industrial complex. Survived and Punished cites ACLU figures in reporting that almost 60% of people confined in women’s prisons across the United States and up to 94% of some women’s prison populations have a history of physical or sexual abuse prior to incarceration. In addition, we know that policing and prisons disproportionately impacts communities of color. However, these campaigns have illustrated the power of people to raise awareness, make demands, and free survivors.

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