Introduction to Chicago Teachers Union Delegation to Venezuela

This spring, the Chicago Teachers Union Executive Board and House of Delegates each unanimously passed a resolution condemning Donald Trump and U.S. intervention in Venezuela.  Resources that never seemed to find their way to our classrooms are being used to intervene in the democratic processes of other countries instead.

This blog represents the members delegation of the Chicago Teacher’s Union that are currently in Venezuela to learn from educators and activists on the ground. The rest of this week, we will be reporting on what we learn and see while we are here. We are being aided by Dozthor Zurlent (Educator) and Miguel Ángel Nuñez (Facilitator) from the Education Ministry of Venezuela.

We especially want to thank Financial Secretary, Maria Moreno, and former Recording Secretary, Michael Brunson, for drafting and bringing the resolution to the executive board. You can read and download a copy of the resolution at the link below:

Pictured above (left to right) delegation members: Richard Berg (Organizer), strike captains Sarah Chambers (Special Education Educator), Valeria Vargas (Math Educator) and Fabiana Casas (English Educator).

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