Crusaders of Justicia Calls For Strikes/Boycotts in Response to ICE Raids and Concentration Camps

Crusaders Of Justicia

Emergency Action!!

In response to the announced raids on immigrant workers by the federal government, Crusaders Of Justicia calls on all exploited workers and their supporters to go on a 7 day strike beginning at 7:00 PM Friday night. We also call on all human rights defenders to avoid purchases and other spending during the strike.

For their own protection, Crusaders advises all workers to avoid any work places with undocumented workers to avoid being exposed to dangerous and potentially violent enforcement actions.

The announced enforcement actions will tear apart thousands of families and will create thousands of orphaned children, both immigrants and US citizens. The strike is timed to begin during the Lights For Liberty actions being held throughout the nation to defend the human rights of immigrants.

Please re-post and forward this call to action to all groups and friends who care about protecting human rights.

Crusaders Of Justicia asks all immigrant and human rights organizations to call on their members to join in the strike/boycott. Organizations who are unable are to officially participate are encouraged to re-post and forward Crusaders’ emails and posts about the strike.

Crusaders Of Justicia is a new group formed to fight for justice by the rapidly increasing number of exploited families in the United States. In order to increase the impact for change we believe it is essential to unite the fights of all people under the current administration. We will demand change by taking meaningful actions such as boycotts, strikes, protests and other actions.

Our mission is to mobilize exploited families and their allies to fight for justice. We will target fundamental issues impacting our communities, not just symptoms.

Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, people standing, crowd, sky and outdoor

Crusaders of Justicia members and friends at May Day 2019 in Madison, WI 

Photo: WI BOPM

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