Milwaukee, August 20, 2019: CLOSEmsdf Coalition Meeting

CLOSEmsdf Coalition Meeting

2821 N Vel R. Phillips Avenue, Suite 108, Milwaukee, 6-7 P.M.

Join us on Tuesday, August 20th at 6 pm to get involved with the efforts to decarcerate Milwaukee, #CLOSEmsdf, and #buildCOMMUNITIES.

This venue is wheelchair accessible.

The #CLOSEmsdf Campaign is now over 50 organizations strong. Visit for information.

Sign the #CLOSEmsdf petition at

Like us on facebook at CLOSEmsdf. Follow us on twitter at

Demands from the #CLOSEmsdf Campaign Based on Newly Released Parole & Probation Report from Justice Lab at Columbia University:

The Wisconsin Community Corrections Story

On January 22, 2019, the Justice Lab at Columbia University released a scathing report commissioned by #CLOSEmsdf Campaign partner JustLeadershipUSA, entitled The Wisconsin Community Corrections Story. This vital report adds quantitative and qualitative analysis to support what directly impacted people and low income and people of color, especially Black and Native American, have known for decades: there is deep harm, and racial and economic injustice embedded in Wisconsin’s probation and parole policies which exemplify and fuel incarceration.


In Wisconsin:

*1-in-8 Black men, and 1-in-11 Native American men, are under supervision.
*Black women are supervised at 3 times the rate of white women.
*Native American women are supervised at 6 times the rate of white women.
*MSDF imprisons white people 12 percentage points lower, and Black people 24 percentage points higher, than the Wisconsin average.
*Wisconsin incarcerates Black people at 11.5 times the rate of white people, ranking Wisconsin’s imprisonment racial disparities fifth in the nation.
*Wisconsin’s post-prison supervision rates, average lengths of stay on post-prison supervision, and rates of incarceration for technical violations are much higher than the national average and set Wisconsin as an outlier in the Great Lakes region.
*Across the country and particularly in Wisconsin, mass supervision fuels mass incarceration. As of 2017, people who had previously been under community supervision made up over half of the total adult incarcerated population in Wisconsin.
*Over one-fifth of all adults incarcerated in Wisconsin prisons were incarcerated without a new conviction.
*This massive expansion of Wisconsin’s criminal legal system resulted from truth in sentencing laws that cost Wisconsin taxpayers $1.8 billion.
*All of this harm is the product of deliberate policy choices over the past three decades.


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