Superior/Duluth August 24, 2019: Pride Letters to Prisoners

Superior/Duluth Pride Letters to Prisoners

Since Pride is at the end of August and in September, we thought it appropriate to write to marginialized LGBTQIAplus folx. These folx are constantly suffering sexual, physical, and mental harrasment. We write letters to folx in solidarity on this side of the wall!

Superior Save the Kids is a chapter of Dismantle the School to Prison Pipeline-Save the Kids. We have projects for Formerly Incarcerated peers, community activism, food justice, and in soldarity with hunger strikers such as Cesar De Leon
We are a group of activists, community organizers, students, and academics trying to end criminalizing detention of youth. Our main goals is education and organize around police murder of youth, decarceration of criminally-involved youth, and transformative justice.
Our main project is Letters to Prisoners which emphasizes solidarity over charity. We have special meetings to highlight Holidays, Mothers, Fathers, Trans folx, and Valentines events. This is a great and easy project to send communication to someone on the other side of the prison wall. Letters make sure incarcerated folks are not left in the shadows of America’s gulags.


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