Alliance For Global Justice: Call for a North American Coalition for Peace in Colombia

On Sunday, August 18, at 10AM Pacific Time, 11AM Mountain, Noon Central, and 1pm Eastern Time, there will be an online meeting, also accessible by phone, with the goal of forming a new North American Coalition for Peace in Colombia. We invite all those who are interested to participate.

If you would like more information, please send an email to JAMES@AFGJ.ORG with your name and affiliation, and we will send you information on how you can attend.
We are most powerful when we are united together. Today, in Colombia, our friends and comrades need the power of an international solidarity movement that is united with them against the humanitarian crisis they are facing. Because of U.S. policies, social leaders are being killed on an almost daily basis. Corporate media ignores the crisis. Instead, Colombia is presented as a model of democracy even while the country is converted into the Latin American center for threats against Venezuela and popular movements and governments throughout the region.

Therefore, we say that “Peace for Colombia is peace for the world!” We know that a just, peaceful, and sovereign Colombia would have a positive and liberating impact far beyond its borders.

In preparation for this meeting, activists from grass roots organizations across the U.S. and Canada have formulated the following Points of Unity for the proposed coalition:

North American Coalition for Peace in Colombia
Points of Unity


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