Milwaukee, October 11, 2019: Coalition to March on the DNC Organizing Meeting

1st Coalition Meeting & March

The Coalition to March on the DNC is calling for an initial meeting of delegates from various organizations to be held at Dontre Hamilton (Red Arrow) Park in downtown Milwaukee, with a start time of 5pm on Thursday, October 3.

Several representatives from the founding organizations will chair this meeting. We will be going over our points of unity, reviewing the route of the march, and hearing questions that coalition delegates may have.

Afterward, we will do a walk-through of a portion of the route. We encourage everyone to bring signs and/or banners if you’ve got them! We will end the march with a public demonstration on the steps of city hall, demanding answers for why we haven’t received our permit despite having made the request nearly half a year ago.

We are looking for delegates from organizations to speak during the demonstration, specifically honing in on the fact that the city has yet to grant the Coalition a permit to peacefully protest for our demands. If you are from an organization and would like to speak or know someone who would, please message us and we’ll make it happen.

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