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Preliminary investigation points to millions of over projected MCTS operating expenses since 2015

MILWAUKEE, AUGUST 29, 2019 – The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 998 is demanding answers after a preliminary investigation by economic consultant Peter Donohue found that the County’s 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) showed Milwaukee County Transit System’s actual operating expenses were under budget by $16.53 million from mostly over budgeting MCTS personnel expenses. A look at previous CAFRs show that $39.93 million budgeted for MCTS personnel expenses have possibly gone unspent, but the investigation won’t be complete until the County provides financial information requested.

ATU Local 998 President James Macon released the following statement regarding these findings:

“Milwaukee’s transit system is the economic backbone of the region. To siphon away tax dollars earmarked for the public transit is unconscionable. Year after year we are asked to make cuts. Buses are becoming more dangerous, routes are disappearing, and many riders have to walk excessive distances to get to the nearest bus stop.

“Based on these preliminary findings, we challenge Milwaukee County Transit System’s ‘budget hole’ narrative. We believe County Executive Chris Abele and MCTS are once again over budgeting their expenses in an attempt to justify cutting vital bus routes and hurting transit workers.

“This changes everything for our members. It raises serious questions about the integrity of MCTS’s claims that they are broke. We call on Milwaukee County to stop dragging its feet and provide the financial information requested.”

Read more about the preliminary findings here:…/1EWix-MzaxU5yijj8UZVdc-4hk…/view…

ATU Local 998 members have scheduled a contract vote and work action authorization vote on September 5, 2019

ATU Local 998

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