Bus Union Threatens Strike By Friday


By  – Sep 5th, 2019 09:51 am

Leadership for the bus drivers union is threatening a strike as early as tomorrow.

The Amalgamated Transit Union 998 (ATU) votes today on the final contract offer made to them by the Milwaukee County Transit Service. Union President James Macon has repeatedly spoken against approval of the contract.

MCTS delivered the final contract offer in early August. In this contract they made concessions to the union, like dropping a co-insurance proposal and reducing the maximum out-of-pocket health care contributions they were asking for.

Still, the union isn’t happy with the contract and wants to restart negotiations. At a meeting of the Milwaukee County Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee union leaders told the committee they didn’t think the contract would be approved in Thursday’s vote, and said that a strike will soon follow if negotiations do not resume.

Despite the concessions made on health care, bus operators are not satisfied with the contract offer. Wage increases in the contract, according to Macon and Donnell Shorter, a member of the ATU executive board, are not enough and outstanding issues, like safety, have dampened employee morale….

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