September 20, 2019: Youth Climate Strike-Baraboo

Youth Climate Strike-Baraboo

It all started when a handful of Madison-area high school students met to discuss the possibility of a strike from school to demand climate justice in the state of Wisconsin. Two hours later, the group had set the roots of a global climate movement in Wisconsin.

Students from across the state started to get involved and the movement became statewide. After weeks of planning the climate strike occurred on March 15 and drew out over 2,000 people across the state and a crowd of over 1,000 in Madison. Young people chanted, occupied the capitol, and made their voices heard.

Following the Strike, organizers felt an obligation to continue to fight for climate justice and so an organization was founded to empower youth voices and advocate for climate justice.

The Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT) was created and is entirely youth run. It comprises of many youth organizers from across the state of Wisconsin and works with multiple partner organizations. We organize actions concurrent with each other at the state level so young people are always welcome to get involved and join our team, wherever they may be located! Our group focuses on organizing demonstrations and directly advocating for environmental reform in the state. We are an official 501c4 nonprofit and use our finances and resources to enhance youth climate activists across the state. We act with many partners nationally and are quasi-branch of the US Youth Climate Strike.

We demand Governor Evers, counties, and municipalities declare a climate emergency for the future of the planet and the State of Wisconsin.

We demand clean water for every community in the state of Wisconsin regardless of socioeconomic status and demand the protection of Wisconsin water systems, including honoring treaty rights.

We demand the quality of our air be protected and prioritized by the state of Wisconsin.

We demand our public lands and soil be protected from pollutants that can destroy its ability to harbor crops and demand all public lands to be accessible to humans.

We demand that the state prioritize the transition from fossil fuel-based energy to renewables to both save tax dollars and protect our environment from global warming.

We demand our agricultural systems are built to last for future growing seasons and ensuring a supportive transition from factory farms (CAFOs) to small and family farms.

We demand that marginalized communities have access to resources for them to lead a greener lifestyle and refocusing the issue of climate change around marginalized voices.

We demand that our school systems reflect the sustainable future we need for our youth and demand school boards combat wastefulness in schools.

We demand the state prioritize the reduction of carbon emissions to slow global warming and to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030.


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