Get on the bus to the Line 3 September 28, 2019 rally in Duluth, MN

We CAN stop this pipeline, and we need a regional effort to do it

Enbridge has four states in its sights — Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan — and we all need to join together to stop the flow of tar sands through our home communities. On  September 28, thousands of people will converge on Duluth to show Minnesota’s new Democratic Governor, Tim Walz, that the people want him to reject Enbridge’s Line 3. Although his Public Utilities Commission gave the pipeline the green light on June 28, 2018, a recent judgment by the Minnesota Court of Appeals slowed the process down by rejecting the certificate of need because of an inadequate Environmental Impact Statement. And now Governor Walz’s administration can stop the new Line 3 by denying it a 401 (clean water) permit.

Will you help us mobilize Wisconsinites for this regional rally?

There are so many ways you can help, starting with signing up for a seat on the bus. It will be one looong day, with no need to buy lodging in Minnesota, as we’ll be bussed back the same day. (Food will be provided on the bus!) This summer, we’ll be reaching out in many ways to many constituencies, to educate and mobilize Wisconsinites to protect our state and our planet.

We’re all in this together

I told you that 28 fossil fuel infrastructure projects were canceled in just two years, and opposition continues to grow. Here’s a snapshot of some of what’s happening:

  • In Nebraska, people power, organized by Bold Nebraska, has held off the Keystone XL pipeline for 10 years! That fight continues.
  • The Trans Mountain Pipeline that would carry tar sands oil to the port of Vancouver, BC, is being opposed by 150 First Nations; the Province of British Columbia; the state of Washington; the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Victoria and 19 other BC municipalities; and 350,000 petition signers.
  • In Michigan, a powerful coalition called Oil and Water Don’t Mix is fighting to get Enbridge’s 68-year-old Line 5 decommissioned before its underwater portion in the Straits of Mackinac ruptures, contaminating the entire Great Lakes. If the coalition wins, it will be a tremendous victory, but it will also mean that Enbridge will try to reroute Line 5 through Wisconsin!

On September 28, we’ll mingle with people from all four states and many indigenous nations on the streets of Duluth. There will be dazzling art and many creative actions that day. Will you join us? Your time and talents are needed — help us create a movement against tar sands that’s unstoppable!

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