Milwaukee September 20, 2019 Climate Strike Schedule

10:00 – 11:00 | Gather at Milwaukee City Hall
11:00 – 12:00 | March(2.3 miles) to Water Tower Park
12:00 –   1:00 | Speeches at North Point Park(Water Tower)
  1:00 –   2:00 | Letter Writing
  2:00 –   4:00 | Tabling, Food and Celebration
Find the latest March and Rally updates on
Facebook and the Route web page
  1. Join the Global Climate Strikes
    School strikers are calling on everyone: young people, parents, workers, and all concerned citizens to join massive climate strikes and a week of actions starting on September 20.
  2. Spread the word
    It’s as simple as it sounds. Talk to everyone you know – young or grown-up – about the climate strikes, about what they’ve achieved already; and our role in supporting young people.  Share with them your own reasons for wanting to see urgent climate action. Tell them about Greta’s message of climate emergency, or, even better,  show them one of her powerful speeches.
  3. Organize your community
    Activate your own network (yes, you have one!) in support of the climate strikes. Think of the organizations, clubs or faith groups you belong to. Maybe you’re in a parents group, or a book club? Talk about the climate strikes at your next meeting; take to social media and share a public statement of support. Organize others for solidarity actions and events.

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