Milwaukee, September 24, 2019: Fight for Music for ALL in MPS!

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Fight for Music for ALL in MPS!


We need as many teachers, students, parents and community advocates to come out to this LRP school board committee meeting and speak for two minutes on the importance of music education equity for all students in MPS! We want to hear from diverse voices, including those who attend or teach at schools that do not currently offer music.

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Currently, there are only 68 music teachers in the entire district, one for every 1,120 students in MPS. There are tens of thousands of students who have little or no access to music education delivered by certified educators. Site-based budgeting creates serious equity issues between schools, which has led to unfilled positions, especially in the poorest areas of our city. We want to see that change and we need the arts
community of Milwaukee to join us in insisting on quality music education for all students in the district.

The Milwaukee Music Educators Association has proposed to the school board an official Policy and Procedure for Music Education in MPS that provides accountability to the district to ensure equitable access to comprehensive music education for all students taught by certified music educators!

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