Milwaukee, September 26, 2019: CLOSEmsdf September Picket

CLOSEmsdf September Picket

901 N 9th Street, 11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M. (Milwaukee County Courthouse)

Why do we picket?
1. To educate people on the inhumane conditions at MSDF.
2. To memorialize the 18 people who have died in MSDF since it opened.
3. To let WI taxpayers know that each day someone spends in MSDF for a crimeless rule violation costs us $100.84 vs $40 to treat that person in the community where their job, housing & support systems stay secure.
4. To hold Governor Tony Evers to his campaign promises. He told the Journal Sentinel he thinks MSDF should close “as soon as possible”. It is possible right now, and he can do it himself, with a few just and necessary policy changes.

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