Madison, September 20, 2019: Global Climate Strike – 4 Simultaneous Interfaith Gatherings

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Join us for one of the 4 simultaneous interfaith gatherings occurring near the Capitol, between 10:30 – 11:30 am.

*** And it would be wonderful if your congregation could join us for these events as well!

The 4 interfaith gatherings will be at:
Bethel Lutheran, 312 Wisconsin Ave.
Grace Episcopal, 116 W. Washington Ave.
First United Methodist, 203 Wisconsin Ave.
St. John’s Lutheran, 322 E. Washington Ave.

These gathering sites were chosen for their proximity to the Capitol, which will help us to assemble for the 12:00 noon – Concert for the Climate at the State St. corner. From there we will Parade to the Youth. The youth will be at MGE – asking for a commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

We plan to have wheelchairs, volunteer wheelchair pushers, and shuttle vehicles available for those for whom this 0.6-mile walk would be hard or impossible. (If you know of a place from which we could borrow one or more wheelchairs, please call 608-630-3633 and let me know.

*** If your congregation is coming as a group, to help disperse our numbers somewhat equitably at the four gatherings, we ask that someone from your congregation call Claire at 608-334-5279. With her help, you and your group will know just where to show up.

Faith leaders who would like to represent their faith tradition at this important event can sign up by using the following link:

I’d also really enjoy getting a call from you, but that isn’t necessary.

Lastly, please share this event with all who may be called to support this historic turning point for humanity.

In Solidarity for justice, peace, and a sustainable future for our children,

Tim Cordon

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