Detroit, September 18, 2019: UAW Strike Solidarity Support Action

Southeast Michigan Jobs With Justice

UAW Strike Solidarity Support Action

Community activists to join UAW/GM workers on their picket line

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019

6 pm to 7 pm

Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant

2500 East Grand Boulevard

Detroit, Michigan, 48211

“I’m not a GM worker. Why should I care about the UAW’s strike there?

A significant number of GM production workers are classified as Tier 2 and paid only $17 an hour while legacy, or higher seniority, workers are paid $28 to $33 an hour.

If the UAW is able to overcome this income inequality and win higher wages, millions more dollars will be put into the Metro Detroit community. This mass purchasing pow- er benefits all of us.

Yes, we all do better when we all do better.

This two tier system is the source of a great deal of division within the ranks of UAW membership. Overcoming this income inequality can lay the foundation for a stronger union and stronger unions are good for all of us.

Joining the UAW’s picket line on Wednesday shows striking workers exactly who’s on their side. Talking with them, getting to know them and they getting to know you and your cause can build trusting relationships that can carry on beyond the strike. Af- ter all, we are workers, too, and UAW members live our communities.

A worker’s victory at GM can inspire others, union and community, in their struggles with other greedy corporations and institutions.

As identified by the former Occupy Wall Street movement, the extreme inequality of wealth and power of the 1% hurts us all. With so much wealth and power in the hands of so Few, there never seems to be enough money — nor political will — to raise the minimum wage, fix our roads, fund our schools, rebuild our infrastructure, create green jobs, fight climate change, and eliminate racial and gender inequities.

Whatever is your issue of concern, we all have a stake in this strike.

Sponsored by Democratic Socialists of America-Detroit and Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice

If you or your organization wishes to express solidarity with UAW/GM strikers and be publicly listed, please write:

Please note: There could be a problem finding parking near the plant.

Southeast Michigan Jobs With Justice

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