A Bold Movement that Can Avoid a War in Latin America


September 20, 2019

By Jose Negron Valera

Chess master Max Euwe used to say that “strategy requires thought” but “tactics requires observation.” How can we reinterpret that phrase in the political context of a nation like Venezuela?

The South American nation has been the victim of a continued siege and blackmail that has led political negotiations to a dead end. Washington has become obsessed with getting rid of Nicolás Maduro and has done the unspeakable to provoke it. Even Abrams himself has come to impose who may or may not be candidates for Chavismo in an hypothetical presidential election that only exist in the wishes of the State Department.

The Venezuelan government has not had it easy. It faces a nation that has demonstrated for more than a hundred years that its pulse does not tremble to take war anywhere on the planet. With diffuse excuses it went to the First World War, and without excuses and without explanations bombs the Middle East when it feels like it. So beyond having modern equipment, a moral disposition in the armed forces and the party, and the reason of the defense of sovereignty, Nicolás Maduro has insisted that there is no way to move forward other than peace. An attitude that requires a strategic vision. Like it or not, locals and strangers….

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