Greater Milwaukee and Bradley Foundations: Who Are They, Really?

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF) likes to present itself as a “community foundation” looking out for the needs of all in southeastern Wisconsin. Similar to the right-wing Bradley Foundation, the GMF is sure to sprinkle a few crumbs to community organizations which is touted as “philanthropy.” (Note: The GMF receives “grants” from Bradley: ).

The reality is, that like the Bradley Foundation, the GMF (which was founded by bankers and the extreme anti-union zealot Patrick Cudahy) exists to ensure capitalist mechanisms are in place to oppose worker’s rights, regulations, anti-discrimination laws/policies and safety measures in industries and works to keep wages low and bosses in power.

The GMF Board is full of representatives such as bankers, corporate, insurance and other finance capital executives along with union-busting attorneys. Many of these individuals represent entities that are responsible for Act 10, Right–To-Work and other horrendous attacks on unions, are responsible for the 2008 capitalist crisis that resulted in devastating consequences such as millions of workers losing their homes through sub-prime loans and similar Wall Street schemes etc.

Many of the GMF’s Board members represent financial interests that are responsible for the ongoing plundering of Puerto Rico and other nation-states through mechanisms such as “debt service,” and working with the U.S. military in various neo-colonial ways. In the case of Milwaukee, the GMF, Bradley and others are responsible presently and historically for the city and state having some of the worst conditions for people of Africa descent. And for Milwaukee being the most segregated city in the United States.

Another focus of the Bradley, GMF and similar foundations, think tanks etc. is to neutralize if possible independent labor, community and faith based organizations or to hinder the credibility of, to co-opt and/or turn the leaders of people’s organizations into compradors (servants and the “eyes and ears”) for the rich.

In periods of worker unrest such as a strike or other people’s rebellions, foundations such as the GMF work with repressive state mechanisms such as local and state police, sheriff’s departments, the national guard and the U.S. military if necessary to attempt to smash any uprisings. The GMF also works to have a stable of servant politicians in place at the local, state and national levels to do the work of having laws in place that protect and expand their profits.

See GMF Board Members here:

Bradley Sign


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