Milwaukee, September 26, 2019: ICE Out of Milwaukee Committee Vote

Voces de la Frontera

Join us Thursday, September 26 at Milwaukee City Hall from 4-6 P.M. as the Fire and Police Commission’s Policy Committee will consider policy changes to include non-collaboration between the police department and ICE. We’ll have a brief press conference before attending the hearing.

Mass presence will show the Committee that Milwaukee stands with immigrant families. Plan ahead and come with a friend or family member!

This is important to all community members because we propose that the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD):
* Will not assist in ICE raids.
* Will not use any resources for immigration enforcement.
*Will not report people, share info with, or collaborate with ICE.
* Officers won’t investigate immigration status at any point.
*MPD officers will not comply with warrantless requests from ICE to detain someone or transfer someone to custody

Contact the Voces office if you need transportation or have questions: 414-643-1620

Find policy FAQ’s at:
Sign the continued petition at:


Únase a nosotros el 26 de Septiembre a las 4 de la tarde mientras el Comité de Políticas de la Comisión de Bomberos y Policía considera las politicas sobre la colaboración entre el departamento de policía e ICE.Tendremos una breve conferencia de prensa antes de que todos lleguemos a la audiencia.

Una presencia enorme en este evento para mostraria que Milwaukee apoya a las familias inmigrantes.

Considere asistir a nuestro evento y trae a un amigo o a un familiar. Tendremos una breve conferencia de prensa antes de que todos lleguemos a la audiencia.

Llama la oficina de Voces para planear transporte o con preguntas a: 414-643-1620

Firma la petición a:


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