Young People’s Resistance Committee Statement: Partial Victory for Grae, People’s Struggle Against Hate Continues

Young People’s Resistance Committee

Hello all!

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that the rally tomorrow is now cancelled. The good news is that we are cancelling the rally because the charges have been dropped! We couldn’t have done this without people showing up for direct actions, the vast media coverage, the generous contributions to Grae’s GoFundMe, and dedication from a variety of local organizations. Even though the charges have been dropped, Grae has agreed to 10 hours of community service. This is still unreasonable, as her community service was served through taking down hate at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, but preferential to the greater sentence she was facing.

Even though this is a great victory against hate, it should not take a public movement to have gotten the charges dropped. Grae should not have faced these charges in the first place. Why isn’t the Nazi, who advocated for violence, who threatened violence against UWM students, being charged? The UW System “free speech” policy only protects Nazis and does nothing to protect historically marginalized voices. A look at US history will show that leftists at universities are most likely to be victims of US government repression. The fight to protect historically marginalized voices on campus continues!

The “free speech” policy, as it currently stands, deters free speech rather than promoting it. This is to be expected, given that the former President of the UW-System Regents who enacted the policy, John Behling, is a defense attorney for private prisons that house undocumented immigrants. We must fight for a policy that protects women, people of color, Jewish people, LGBTQ+ people, and undocumented people on campus! Come out to Young People’s Resistance Committee meetings and join us in this fight! They are held at the IEC in the UWM Student Union, every Monday at 7. Feel free to reach out.


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