Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Passes Solidarity Resolution Supporting UAW Members On Strike at GM

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)

In a unanimous vote of the delegates to the ATU Convention transit workers pledged their support for the UAW strike of General Motors! #solidarity #ATU


The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) represents over 200,000 working families in the United States and Canada.

Yesterday, over 640 delegates at our convention voted unanimously to mobilize solidarity trips to United Auto Workers (UAW) strike picket lines.



September 25, 2019

WHEREAS, 49,000 United Auto Worker (UAW) families are currently on strike for good healthcare and a fair contract; and

WHEREAS, a win this big for labor will have ripple effects throughout the labor movement; and

WHEREAS, ATU members’ putting our bodies at the front lines of the first major national industrial strike in a generation will have a transformative effect on our union;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that our International President will urge International Vice Presidents and International Staff to coordinate with Local Unions across the United States and Canada to organize trips of ATU members and supporters to UAW picket lines; and

FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED, that where possible, we will organize solidarity collections of money or food to help our UAW brothers and sisters sustain and win this fight; and

FURTHER, BE IT RESOLVED, that we will record and document these solidarity actions and make them very public in an effort to help build our UAW brothers’ and sisters’ morale as well as to help win the national public relations battle between UAW and GM.”


GM thinks they can starve workers into submission. They underestimate the power of solidarity. We urgently need help from rank-and-file workers, leaders, and activists.

If you are a GM-UAW worker, retiree or leader, please contact your nearest ATU local union (see list below) and invite us to join you as a group at your picket line!

If you are an ATU worker, retiree, supporter or leader, contact your local union and offer to help organize buses or caravans to UAW picket lines. Please also contact ATU International.

We urgently need pictures and video of ATU workers and supporters (in ATU shirts or carrying ATU signs) at picket lines, GM dealerships, etc. Pictures, videos and press conferences of ATU standing with UAW is also very useful to our national public relations battle with GM. Please send images to your nearest ATU local, the UAW, and also the field mobilization department of ATU International.

ATU local union contact info list:

List of UAW picket lines…/lend-hand-heres-list-general-m…

Uaw contacts by region:

Your fight is our fight! An injury to one is an injury to all!

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