Milwaukee, October 3, 2019: ICE out of MKE

ICE out of MKE

Milwaukee City Hall, 200 E Wells Street, 4:30-6:30 P.M.

Join us Thursday, October 3 at City Hall to urge the Fire and Police Commission to immediately consider policy changes to include non-collaboration between the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) and ICE.

The Policy Commission previously postponed their initial vote in face of mounting community pressure. We need to send the message that there can not be further delay.

This is important to all community members because we propose (unless in the case of a judicial warrant) MPD:
* Will not assist in ICE raids.
* Will not use any resources for immigration enforcement.
*Will not report people, share info with, or collaborate with ICE.
* Officers won’t investigate immigration status at any point.
*Officers will not comply with warrantless requests from ICE to detain someone or transfer someone to custody

Contact the Voces office if you need transportation or have questions: 414-643-1620

Find policy FAQ’s at:
Sign the continued petition at:

Photo Credit: WI BOPM

Únase a nosotros el 3 de Octubre a las 4:30 de la tarde para insistir que la Comisión de Bomberos y Policía considera las politicas sobre la colaboración entre el departamento de policía e ICE.

Considere asistir a nuestro evento y trae a un amigo o a un familiar.

Llama la oficina de Voces para planear transporte o con preguntas a: 414-643-1620

Firma la petición a:

No photo description available.

No photo description available.


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